Satin Finish Pastel Eyes-2015 Dior Show

Hey you!!!

You’re in love with the new look Peter Phillips did to the 2015 Dior models, huh? No worries! I fell in love with this too! ^.^


Its honestly breath-taking and if anyone things its ugly or dead-like, get outta here!!! haha! But Im amazed at these Satin Strips which will be available at starting in Jan. 2015 and there will only be a limited amount!!!!! Make sure you don’t miss the sale, unless you don’t have $$$ (which is most of our issue,isnt it?). Make sure you put in extra time at work because these beauties dont come cheap! Youre looking at around $60 for a pack of four ultra fabulous colors! Not bad, right?

Well, if you answered “YES”, I have an alternative for you:

Revlon has a similar product that is to die for! You can find similar colors as these bright one in the Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Matte Eye Liner line.

I also know Limecrime has some bright pastels, but they are not satin.

If you know of any similar liners with colors like these, feel free to post in the comments. Links help as well!


Kylee ❀


Two Super Easy Summer Makeup Looks


Hello Everyone!Β 

Summer is here! To add some creativity and ease to your summer makeup routine, I created these two looks.Β 

One is a bold look for those sexy and fun SUMMER NIGHTS…oh yeah! But you can also do this makeup look during the day. It’s definitely not a harsh look at all.Β 

In the other look, I turned it down a notch & decided to go for a more subtle, gentle look.


Hope you guys try these looks out and let me know which one you liked best!:)


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Have a really fun day, full of smiles!!!



Rachel Kylee Kwon