Feature of the Month: Gorgeously Done Lips!

Hi everyone!! I have been meaning to post this, but I have just been SO busy! Well, a few days ago, I posted a “mini” competition on BEST OVERDRAWN LIPS OF ANY COLOR since we were having a conversation about Kylie Jenner and HER now-famous lips. I had a few girls show what they could do, and we voted on a winner!

Here it is!

This is Karen (not a makeup artist), but freaking amazing at makeup, if you ask me!

I captivate You

Keep reading to find out the colors…

Everyone voted for her look because as you can see, its amazing! She sure knows her lips and thats KIND OF the trick when it comes to makeup, especially with the lips. You MUST know your lip shape and know that the way other ppl over draw their lips might not work for you bc we all have different lip shapes and sizes.

She did a wonderful job and she looks stunning, doesnt she??

If any of you guys would like to know (and I am sure you do!), the products she used to achieve this FLAWLESS look, she used a NYX lip liner in Mauve. For her lipstick, she used the one by Kate in Rosetto.

Perfect combination of products!

I would love to know what you guys think of this look and maybe some recreations! (I’m obsessed with lips!) If you want to recreate this look, please make sure to tag me on my Instagram which is @ i_captivate_you.

In the comments below, let me know what you think.



Kylee 🙂


Whats In My Bag + Makeup Bag-Video

Hello everyone!

It is such a wonderful day to write 😀

I uploaded a very fun video “Whats In my Bag + Makeup Bag“…I love makeup and everything GIRL. If you want to see some products I like that keep my face flawless,click here!

I would love some support and FEEDBACK most importantly!

Here is the video and please let me know what you think and IF THERE IS ANY VIDEO YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO CREATE!

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Take care lovely people!!!


Kylee ❤

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints-Review-BEST LIP PRODUCTS FOR CHEAP

Hello there! How are you? I want to show ya’ll some new products that I have been using and TOTALLY LOVING! these paired with a FLAWLESS FACE are too good to be true!

IG: i_captivate_you

IG: i_captivate_you

These products are so creamy and YES, they DO look very much like the Too faced Melted Lip glosses, but the good difference is these are not $18 each…no friends, these are $5 or less and are SO PIGMENTED, its not even funny!! Ever since I got mine, I just can not stop wearing them; there are so many colors to choose from!!! And none look alike! 😀 😮 Isn’t that crazy?There are 18 shades and none look alike! You Go LA Girl!!!!!

I used to wear their eyeshadows in high school. I would buy them at fashion stores and I really liked how pigmented the shadows were as well, thats why I HAD to get my hands on these and Im so Happy! I invite you all to see my review on Youtube (Here is the video) : Enjoy!

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Thank you guys again and have a wonderful day!! If you have tried these, comment and tell me WHICH ONE IS YOUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FROM THIS COLLECTION! I would love to know!

Take care! Love, Kylee.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Lips

Instagram: i_captivate_you

Instagram: i_captivate_you

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram and I really liked the way the lips look. Let me know what ya’ll think!!!

To start this off, I exfoliated my lips with this Elf Exfoliator that works great!!


Then I applied some EOS lip Balm (the pink one)


Here is a PICTORIAL of  the steps it took to achieve that flawless Lip!

Below this are the written steps!

Fb group: ICY Makeup,Hair & Girl Talk

Fb group: ICY Makeup,Hair & Girl Talk

First, I dabbed some concealer all over my lips to blend my natural outline with my skin.

With A NARS lip liner called “Papua”, i outlined my lips a little bit outside my natural outline. (I know this is a Kylie Jenner inspired Lip, but we don’t need to go overboard..lol)

Using another lip liner from Milani in Nude(03), I filled in my lips (this is where the lip balm comes in; its easier to fill in and draw on your lips if they are a bit creamy)

Once my lips are filled, I went over that nude with a Mary Kay Lip Liner in Pink/Rose. I didnt shade too much with this one, just on the outer corners of my lips.

The last lip product I used on top of all this is the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 230 Complex. This is not necessary, I just wanted to give it a little bit of creaminess and a slight tan shade. I used this more in the way that we use an Instagram Filter (a subtle one).

Finally, with a small concealer brush, I went around my lips with a tiny bit of concealer. I did this to clean up the edges and to eliminate any running of the makeup.

So there you guys have it!!! This is how I created this look.

In the NEAR future, I am also going to be making a Kylie Jenner Inspired Tutorial so definitely stay tuned for that!

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Hope to see you all there!

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Take care ya’ll!



Youtube Experience-Thoughts

So far, I have 56 subscribers on my Youtube channel! Yay!!

When I first started Youtube a few months ago, I thought nobody was going to like me or be into the stuff I have to say. I was going into it with FEAR of course, but somehow, I decided to do it anyway. Regardless if it worked out right away or not. But thankfully it is!

And now, I also have a Facebook page set up called ICY Makeup, Beauty & Girl Talk.

So if you are  into this, definitely join this group & show us what you can do!

We would all love to see.

I feel like joining groups and getting myself out there has really helped me gain some exposure. By no means, do I consider myself popular or a guru, but I do love what I am doing and I am enjoying every second of it.

To make the experience better, I have met new people and have had some foliow me and like the things that I am doing. That means the world to me. The fact that there are people out there who genuinely like you and are willing to talk to you. Its so cool! youtube Is a great thing if you are trying to make new friends or meet people from all over the world. So far, i have and I couldn’t be more excited for what is coming.

I do have to admit, though, doing this is not as easy as I thought. :/

It takes a lot of work, a lot of time & dedication. I had to learn programs, lighting techniques, how to sound better on camera, how to position the camera so I wouldn’t look like a freak, etc. There is a lot to learn. Every single day, but I am addicted to learning, so maybe that is why I am enjoying it so much.

I hope it goes well for me and for the others that are just getting started.

Wish me luck!

Beauty & Makeup Tips For FLAWLESS SKIN

Happy Funday Sunday!!!!!

Today, I posted my newest video on Youtube! 🙂

I am so excited because i decided to do something new and I think my viewers will love it!

I am not going to spoil it, but if you are interested in some fun beauty and makeup tips, then watch this video:



A lot of the tips I talk about in this video are amazing ways to help you get better looking skin without using anything harsh. They are definitely worth trying, especially if you have acne or oily skin. And to top it off, there are some makeup tips to help you change up your day-to-day look. 

We all get tired of looking the same everyday. So, here you will find something that can help you look different and prettier every day. 


Also, I created a group called ICY Makeup, Beauty & Girl Stuff. Its a group on Facebook where you guys can share your MOTD (makeup of the day) and share products you like, stuff you recently bought, makeup and beauty tips, questions, etc. Its your Perfect GIRL TALK place and I am sure you all will love it. I do encourage you to be friendly though and remember, we are in this to make friends and BE friends. So come on and join all us makeup-loving girls. Be confident in posting your selfies, your OUTFITS OF THE DAY and anything else you want to share. Cant wait to get you guys there, joining and posting everything you want. Lets give compliments, honest ones and you might meet a lot of cool people you can network with. 


Here is the link to the makeup page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/912138712134338/

Take care everyone and Im so intrigued to see and meet you all through my group, my Instagram: @i_captivate_you

or my Youtube channel “I Captivate You“. 


See you guys!



Raising Awareness: Youngsters with Cancer…Lupus to be Exact


Hello fellow Captivators! 

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! I sure am, but unfortunately some others are not. To be more precise, some others CAN’T! It saddens me to know that while some of us are out there enjoying our lives and doing what we want without many limits besides those imposed by our government, some others are in their home suffering and looking for ways to survive. Here I want to share with you a very touching story of a young girl whose name I cannot mention for her own privacy. What I can tell you is that she is a beautiful 23 year old woman who happens to be a mother of girls as well. She has a disease and did not have the courage to speak out about it before, but now, she has decided to RAISE AWARENESS by sharing her story. In doing so, she has motivated, inspired and touched many people, including myself.

I will never forget reading her Facebook post because I was able to relate. My aunt had the same disease she had and I saw my poor aunt suffer through constant hospital visits, chemo, and blood infusions through a thick tube on her chest and stomach. Knowing that this young girl was going through the same thing really broke my heart. It also opened up my eyes; being young does not mean we are immune. Being young does not mean we will always be okay. Being young does not automatically mean we are healthy. 

Luckily, she is living her normal life as a mother and she smiles more than often (she has a beautiful smile too). She posts random things on her social networking sites just like everyone else, she has stories like everyone else, she loves, she cries, she is just like all of us, but with a horrible disease that she has to fight EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

The reason why it inspired and motivated me is because I realized a lot of us complain too much about everything. We complain about not having enough makeup, not having a big home, having to be a mom, etc. The list goes on and on and on and on…doesnt it? We all complain, and sometimes we do it without even noticing. We are so bad. Here we are complaining about our lives when others are happy and beautiful even though they are in one of the worst positions any human can be in.

I thank this young girl for sharing her story with us and she allowed me to share it with all of you here on my blog. I URGE YOU GUYS TO SHARE THIS STORY ON WORDPRESS, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, ETC. PLEASE SHARE! Again, this is to raise awareness and for all of us to have an inspiring story (we always need one). So this is her post, directly from her page:


“Usually I would never in a million years put what I go through on a daily basis with this disease, but because someone has been helping me this past week get through this, I’ve been inspired to share my story in hopes it would do the same for someone else.
When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with lupus, I am now going on 24 years old. For 7 years now most of my life has been in and out of hospitals, I currently have 7 different doctors that I see. At 16 years old I went to my primary doctor for leg pain, my doctor at the time ran a series of test on me at the time I had no idea. I then went back two weeks later and he diagnosed me with lupus. At that time I wasn’t really sure what it was, I heard of it only one time and it was on America’s Next Top Model. I saw my grandma and mom cry and I then knew it was something serious. Lupus is an auto-immune disease, one that takes on several forms and can affect any part of the body, but is most commonly attacks the skin, joints, the heart, lungs, blood, kidneys, and the brain, It is treatable but not curable. At the ending of age16 I was hospitalized for about 4 days, I lost a lot of blood and experienced my first blood transfusion. My blood was down to 0.3 and normal blood is 11-12 pints of blood, I nearly died. I now have anemia and in my entire life I’ve had about 4 blood transfusions. There has been so many days and nights where I have been in so much pain, due to my bones. Also, what comes with lupus is fatigue I HATE that more than anything in this world! I am always extremely tired and there is nothing I can do about it. I’ve been on a few medications before but in my personal opinion they don’t help in no way shape or form. After I had my daughter I started taking the steroids and It made me drop my weight to 90 pounds, I was very depressed, I felt drugged up all of the time, I felt so ugly inside and out, and most importantly I felt alone. I had people there to talk to but NO ONE that never knew what felt the way that I did, yes it’s very easy to judge and criticize someone but it’s just as easy not to be arrogant and educate yourself on it. Especially when it’s your own blood. So All these years I’ve kept the pain, my tears, and my fears from everyone I shut everyone out because it was my problem because no one could ever understand how I look so good on the outside and not know the inside was all messed up. I recently went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago and I was yet again diagnosed with another disease called Sjogren syndrome. Sjogren syndrome: Is a disorder of your immune system. That just has if not more than worse symptoms then the lupus. I have been having a really bad flare up from both the lupus and the sjogren, I have this really ugly rash that is taking over my face and body it hurts really bad. My back has been in excruciating pain as well as my legs, I have really bad migraines, My vision is starting to weaken, My memory is starting to fade, My fatigue has been my worst struggle yet, it is extremely hard to get up in the morning. The reason why I get up every morning is because of my girls, I enjoy every second, every minute, every hour, with them. they are my world, they give me life, they give me strength when I am weak. I can’t imagine leaving these two wonderful girls here on earth knowing I didn’t give it my all!!! because I never know what might happen having lupus is so unpredictable, I can have a massive heart attack at any given moment. I am scared without a doubt, I fear the unknown, and I now know that yes at the end of the day it still is my problem, but I do not have to go through this alone. I am thankful for the family and friends that I do have that actually cares about what happens to me, you truly are the best support system.
To everyone else who says that I am faking it or say don’t believe her she’s lying, or she looks perfectly fine. I don’t need you I don’t want you in my life I don’t care what you think about me because to be quite honest who would want to have such a terrible disease. I wish I was lying I really do but unfortunately, I can’t change that nor can you change your ignorance.

This was not meant to be written as a woe is me, I don’t need anyone feeling sorry for me because I do that rather perfectly. thank you for taking the time to read this I hope I can help in anyway.
Lupus is just as important as any other disease out there. Every day someone dies from this disease. I just want to raise awareness.”


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got something beneficial out of it. Remember friends, to enjoy your life and live gratefully. Now I leave you with this quote;

“The rewards for those who persevere far exceed the pain that precedes the victory”

-Karen Bliss Livingston


If you or anyone you know suffers through something and have not been able to speak about it or have not had any support, visit my Fb page “After Silence”. There you will get to meet this amazing young girl who had the courage to tell her story and stand strong as she is one of the page administrators as well. 

Thank you all!