Summer Makeup Look using Sparkly Green Shadows


So, yes Summer is here! Wasn’t really looking forward to it, but why not look extra good now that it IS here…

And in one of those hot days, I got into a certain mood and this is what I created:

You're gonna love the video!

You’re gonna love the video!

I eyes look a little sleepy here, but oh well…I have more pictures of this look on my IG (i_captivate_you).

I got inspired by a look I saw on Makeup by taren’s IG feed..I loved how the colors complimented her skin..loved it for Summer. But I did a different lip color.. I mixed Limecrime “Cashmere” with A Jcat Lip liner “Tea Rose” and topped it off with Dose of Colors “Undressed”. Love this lip combo, because its a perfect Rosy Nude. So good!

Well, anyhow, See the look for yourself. Hope you learn a lot! And please, try it out!

Love you!



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