Beauty Must-Haves for Valentine’s Day

Just around the corner!

Just around the corner!

Hey there!

So, the day of LOVE is coming up soon…but for me (and,maybe most of us!) this is a day of getting beautified and looking your best,right? Thats why I made this post!

Just want to show you girls some of my Valentine’s Day Beauty Must-Haves. ย Most of these products are inexpensive and very flattering..thats why they made it to the top of the list!

Now, lets get on with it!

Numero 1 for BEAUTIFUL, LUSCIOUS LIPS…A Matte, Liquid Lip Stick

For this, I chose Dose of Colors “Purple Rain”…(Head on to my IG for a Lip look using this Lipstick). This lip color is perfect for looking pretty & sexy without going overboard with color. Purple is the color of dreams and a light-hearted spirit. Doesnt that just sound Valentines-ie to you? ^.^

Dose of Colors "Purple Rain"

Dose of Colors
“Purple Rain”

Numero 2 for Colorful and Playful Eyes…The Electric Palette

Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup companies because of this palette here. If you’re on IG, you know this appears almost on every Makeup Artists’ feed…with good reason! Each color is strikingly pigmented and bright. You look at them and you wonder “Are they really going to look like this on my eyes? NO way!” Well, let me tell you, THEY DO! Not one of these colors disappoints and well, since it has such cute colors, why not use it for Valentine’s Day?! Add some color to your face and impress your loved one.


Numero 3 for a Pop of Glitter…EyeKandy!

You know how you have seen MUA”s with glitter all over the place now? Well, they’re most likely using these totally safe and perfect glitters from EyeKandy Cosmetics. Don’t you just want to shine for your love? I do! That is why I am DEFINITELY using one this Valentine’s and I will probably be batting my eyes non-stop just so my husband can notice the glitteriness even more…(Gliterriness is not even a word, I know!)


Numero 4 For Flawless, Glowy Skin…Vitamin E Oil Capsules

I have been using these for a little over a month now. Perfect for your night time routine and/or before makeup application. What I like to do is apply the oil on my skin and massage my skin as well. I let it sit for a minute or two and then I blot my skin and go directly into the face work. This has literally been keeping my skin looking a lot clearer and its smoother to the touch. It has also reduced a few of my fine lines (smile lines) and who doesn’t need that? I guarantee ย you immediate appreciation of this product and that is why It’s on my list. Apply some the night before Valentine’s day and wake up with porcelain-looking skin and then use some before your makeup and there you go! Perfect, hydrated skin! Sure to glow the whole night through!

Vitamin E Capsules

Vitamin E Capsules

Numero 5 for Silky, Gorgeous Eyes…Makeup Forever Eye Shadows

I recently started using Makeup Forever eye shadows and as soon as I swatched them, I knew they would be my favorite! These shadows are perfect to make your eyes look silky, sexy, chic and everything us girly girls want. They are great with or without a base and they are so easily blend able. They have a slight metallic-type shimmer which I love! It has enhanced my eyes so much and I bet it will do the same for you. Beautify your eyes with some pinks, reds, purples and blacks even! for this special day! ^.^


Numero 6 for Flawless And Illuminated Skin…Milani Beauty Powder

I love using this stuff on top of my foundation work. If you’re in to dewy skin ย and a bit of a rosy finish, this product is magnificent for that! I don’t put it all over my face in a huge load, but I mostly apply it on my cheekbones, my nose, and forehead. It has little white sparkles, pink touch and everything you need to look perfect on this day! When i use this product, my face looks so healthy and natural, my husband loves it! Always compliments me on it because my skin DOES look good. Definitely can’t be out of this list!


Numero 7 for Glowy, Highlighted Cheeks…The Mary-Lou Manizer

This face illuminator is my must, must, must, MUST have for this special day and just any day! I like to use this with a thin fan brush to apply my glow. Its perfect for ANY skin tone or texture. The reason why this is perfection is because when the light hits your face, this glow is so apparent and smooth and silky. I love it & totally recommend it for all of you wondering how some other girls get their skin so glowy. Of course, make sure you moisturize before.

Hope all of you feel special on this Valentine’s. It is a bit silly to celebrate love once a year because there shouldn’t be a specific day to live like that. But it takes us back to childhood and its always good to be a kid again; its rejuvenating! Have fun and show me your Valentine’s Makeup of the Day on IG! Follow me @i_captivate_you and tag me so I can see and I will leave you a comment!

If you guys have any suggestions on places to go in Los Angeles, please comment and let me know. I want to do something that night, but can’t really decide.

Thank you all & please share this post with your friends if you would like.

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Kylee AKA Kyyylerrzzz


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