LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints-Review-BEST LIP PRODUCTS FOR CHEAP

Hello there! How are you? I want to show ya’ll some new products that I have been using and TOTALLY LOVING! these paired with a FLAWLESS FACE are too good to be true!

IG: i_captivate_you

IG: i_captivate_you

These products are so creamy and YES, they DO look very much like the Too faced Melted Lip glosses, but the good difference is these are not $18 each…no friends, these are $5 or less and are SO PIGMENTED, its not even funny!! Ever since I got mine, I just can not stop wearing them; there are so many colors to choose from!!! And none look alike! 😀 😮 Isn’t that crazy?There are 18 shades and none look alike! You Go LA Girl!!!!!

I used to wear their eyeshadows in high school. I would buy them at fashion stores and I really liked how pigmented the shadows were as well, thats why I HAD to get my hands on these and Im so Happy! I invite you all to see my review on Youtube (Here is the video) : Enjoy!

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Thank you guys again and have a wonderful day!! If you have tried these, comment and tell me WHICH ONE IS YOUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FROM THIS COLLECTION! I would love to know!

Take care! Love, Kylee.


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