Omg!!!! This past week was a crazy week! I had a blast with my love in many different places. Within this week, we watched “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and we actually loved the movie! Prior to this, we had watched ‘Guardians of the Galaxy” and the was also a really impressively funny movie. 😀 

It really made us smile & laugh…which is something I am always trying to do.

We also went to an Italian restaurant called Bucca di Beppo…one word: OBSESSED! I ordered spaghetti and meatballs because i had been craving this dish for years! Well, I have cooked it for myself, but I wanted the Italian version of it and It was delicious! When I have time, I will write a YELP review. I know we went out to other places, but for some reason I can’t remember now. :/

My love and I had so much fun being together and in love. I could never EVER go back to living with my parents. Not when living with someone you truly love & appreciate feels this amazing!

Something bad that happened this past week: I had a court date! No…not for a traffic ticket, but for a child custody case. The animal that took advantage of me when I was 17 is not trying to get custody of my 5 year old son. Such nerve he has! Unfortunately, we did not get to proceed into the court room because there was a very serious child custody case going on. All doors had to be locked, however I did see that animal in the hallway. He was staring at my husband and I and I felt so creeped out by him. Seeing him made me feel angry and strong at the same time. the fact that I was standing there ready to protect my son made me feel very powerful. Even though it was a bad situation to be in, especially after seeing this person when he was already out of our lives for good. i don’t understand why some men are reckless and cold. I just really don’t understand. I hope the judge sees through him and lets my husband and I keep raising our son like we have so far…without him!

I hope other moms out there going through a similar situation can feel strong even when they are fighting against a man who took the life out of them. 

The other day I was watching and Oprah show and it was about rape. It wasn’t exactly like my case, but one of the victims said his rapist killed him. Just like that. I, immediately took a deep breath and started crying & sobbing because I feel exactly the same way. This animal killed me; he killed my dreams and he killed the person I could have been right now. 

But now, I have to live with this horrible memory forever and live with it. I am trying to find myself again and be the person I always was. I don’t want this to affect me anymore. I am not dead, I am here and I am a mother & a wife. Those are things he can not take away from me. 

I just hope when my son grows up, this animal is ready to face the wrath of the words my son will give to him one day. That will be his worst punishment. and unlucky for him, I have two sons now. These two boys my husband and I are raising will always love & protect us no matter what. I take full consolation in that fact.


Thank god for Family!


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