Wanting a Better Life; My Diary

Dear me,

Today was a tough day! I had to take my baby to the hospital because he, apparently, has a hernia. :/

It makes me so so so sad when my little ones are hurting and I can not do anything about it. How I wish I could magically fix everything for them…but reality is a butt-biter…there is nothing I can do besides taking him to the doctor and try to be the most comforting mom in the world. 

Seeing the doctor today made me want to become a doctor; the fact that you get to help others every single day. It is amazing to be able to use your knowledge to make other people’s lives easier & better. One day, I hope to do just that. Sometimes, I don’t know HOW to fix the world. I keep hearing “one person at a time” or “one day at a time”, but I need more time! 


Honestly, though I think my desire to be an engineer weighs out the other options much more heavily. You see, I want to work with technology. I want to create things that can change our lives or make it better. I want to be part of the team of creators. For example, a new spaceship being built. I don’t really care to be the one who rides it first or at all; I want to be able to say “That spaceship that is launching right now, I made it.” what a dream come true! I know engineering is about more than just the pride of creating things, but I never said i disliked computers and math and physics. These things fascinate me! There is so much to learn out there about everything and i want to study it.  

Changing the subject, I have 28 subscribers now on my Youtube channel 😀

I say this with immense joy because I didn’t think people would actually subscribe…I thought people would never find my channel or they would dislike it. I first started sharing my channel with my friends and family, but somehow strangers are finding it too. Which is amazing! I would love to reach out to a lot of people out there and share with them everything I can and hope I can change someone’s life or at least help them get through something tough. I definitely know what it feels like to be suffering in solitude. Nobody to talk to, nobody to cry to. Thats tough, man.

But apart from the rough life stuff, I also want to spread happiness and positive thinking. A lot of people struggle with that, I should know. But right now, I am feeling as motivated and inspired as ever! I want to become a better me and would love to have other people make the change with me. How awesome would THAT be? To be experiencing things, life changing moments,  with other girls and sharing each other’s stories (as a matter of fact, I love stories ) and just being there for each other. Maybe the dream is a little too big, but I am so ready to throw myself into my dreams. 


2 thoughts on “Wanting a Better Life; My Diary

  1. rileycarr484 says:

    “Maybe the dream is a little to big” nah its too small lol think much bigger, much sooner thats how i was able to change my life 🙂 But nice post tho! 🙂


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