What to do when people Are Judging You

Hello Friends,

     Did you go to the store with your PJ’s because you were in a rush and felt like people around you were talking about you like crazy?! Or how about when you speak your mind and then people immediately change with you because they took it personal? Similar things have happened to me. Yes.

So what though? 

Who are these people for us to care?

People everywhere can be very judgmental, including ourselves. Or are you going to lie to yourself and say “I NEVER TALK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE OR JUDGE THEM!” If you are going to lie to yourself, just stop. Its okay, we are very imperfect, but what is not okay is the way we react to other people’s actions. 

For example, say you went to a friend’s party and she had other friends there who you did not know. They saw you and spoke to you a little bit, but then walked away from you and you heard them saying ” Geez, she thinks she’s better than everyone. I don’t know why she talks that way; is she trying to act smart?” 

What do you do?

You can either go to them and confront them & possibly start an argument or much worse,a fight. Resulting in an increased bad opinion of you




You can simply ignore it. 

I know its tough to ignore things like this. After all, they are talking about us so it makes it our business. NO! its not our business, its theirs. They are the ones who have the indecency to talk about someone behind their back like a pack of morose gossipers. You just happened to be yourself and they didn’t like it. So what does that mean? Perhaps it means that they are not satisfied with themselves. They have to put other people down if they feel like that person is better than them. They are just being competitive. 


But honestly, guys, be the bigger person! 

Learn to be confident about yourself and stand tall. Even when people are judging you. Its you who is going to live your life. I heard from Bubz beauty “negative people are like a poisonous snake. if someone offers it to you, you probably won’t take it because you know it will harm you. So think of judgements as such.” 

Its okay to let it go. 

trust me. You will feel better at the end of the day.

Friends, this was more of an intro so please feel free to check out my channel on youtube for tips on how to deal with judgmental people and more girl stuff, here is the link:



Have a great day Beautiful people & stay strong every single day. 



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