Ready to Start Something New


   Lately, I have been doing something I really enjoy!!! Creating youtube videos is my latest hobby. Honestly, it takes more time & effort than I initially thought, but who cares?! Its so much freakin’ fun! 🙂

I love recording and knowing that I am reaching others out there. However, the first video I made, I felt a bit awkward. I had no subscribers so I was like “Okay, I am not really talking to anyone…so yeah…lets do this.” It was something I was not used to, but the more & more I do it, the more I tend to enjoy and love it! 

But I am not doing this so I can show off the things I have or be a conceited girl. I created I Captivate You because I wanted to create a small community of girls who are friendly, confident and amazing! I want to talk about inner beauty and help other girls out there deal with the tough situations life throws at us. And believe me, I would know about tough situations. These last years have been soooo bad for me. And all  because of a stranger. He changed my life forever in the worst way, but Somehow I have to manage to live with it. And that is what I want to help other people do. Not only is I Captivate You going to be about makeup and beauty tips/tricks; thats just a plus in the channel. My main focus is to motivate people, help them feel and look good from the inside out. I want to make friends & be a friend. I would love to share my life with others and hope that one day, at least ONE person can tell me I did something good for them. I would love to bring happiness to others. I know I can’t fix the world (although if I could, I would), but with one person at a time, we can change hearts, minds and therefore change our surroundings…the goal is to have such a huge impact that more people will WANT to be better. 

I really hope I can do this. I hope I can meet other people who are in need of a makeover (inner/outer), some advice, life tips, a girl to talk to..a Friend….hope people like me and that I can only get better from here. 

These past few years were so sad that I distanced myself from friends..old & new. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I am so ready to take my friends back & gain more along the way. Its time for a huge change within myself and I want to share that journey with everyone else & invite them to join me. It is possible to change ourselves. I know it is. 

I was not born for nothing. I was not born to be depressed or to be stuck at home. I was born to live…nothing more, nothing less. And now I understand that the life I live is my responsibility, my choice. Some people can impact it, yes. However, will I let it ruin my life or change me completely from the girl I was before? 

Defintely  NOT ANYMORE. 


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